Refine articles with images

Part of the reason why we’re creating Output is that there is a need for an article format that can be passed easily between computers, and when we say ‘article’ we mean the entire article, including your images.

Today you can see the first branch of this development – by moving the mouse to the left margin of an article you’re writing. You will get the option of adding an image to the body of your text via one simple button. You can also add an image to the very top of the article.

We recommend that you upload the highest resolution as possible. The image will be resized to fit the medium you’re publishing to. For now, the maximum size of an image you upload is 30 MB.

By clicking on an uploaded image you can credit the image, as well as add a caption. If you no longer need the image you can remove it.

Have fun adding images and creating richer articles.