This is Output

Having worked with a number of publishers at different points in the production process there’s one headache we’ve experienced throughout – moving articles between formats and sites. With Output, we’re building a seamless experience that retains the writing in a flexible, interchangeable format. Once the article is ready you can export it to a given destination.

If you’re a writer, we want to supply you with a service that can keep all your writing under your control. When you’re ready to share it with others, you will be able to have it proofread, export it to various formats, or even send it to a magazine for publishing.

If you’re running a magazine, your writers can submit their stories and you can collect and create issues – for mobile devices, and soon for web and print as well.

One of the challenges in publishing today is making money. Letting you sell subscriptions  is our first step in this process. We believe that readers will pay for good writing, and our aim is to make it easier for writers and publishers to get paid for the work they produce.